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ZeroRep is a lifestyle brand founded on the ideal that no matter who you are, or where you live, your voice counts. We started in Washington, DC where the entire city hasn't had a voice in the nation's political process since 1790.


Whether it is voting rights, equality or simply freedom of expression, ZeroRep is dedicated to raising all our voices for maximum impact. To achieve this goal we harness the power of art, education and fashion to visually highlight the messages of our times.


Harness the power of art, education, & fashion to highlight the messages of our time.


ZeroRep was created by a small team of DC-based designers, who felt that we should celebrate the exciting, diverse and dynamic place and voices that make our town unique. With many years of experience in the creative industry we decided to establish our brand and do our best to make a difference.


Our previous venture together: Communi-T, a non-profit created during the early days of the COVID19. We recruited 15 designers from across the country to donate their time and talent to help more than 35 local bars and restaurants financially survive the pandemic.

ZeroRep is interested in collaborating with businesses in the DC region and beyond. Specifically we are looking for establishments that are interested in establishing, or enhancing, their branded merchandise and supporting the idea of inclusivity.

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